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Adele and Dan’s & Negrut the dog and all the cats Permanent Culture club is a peaceful haven , a shelter for passing travelers and a playground for all kinds of social activities; I watched a tango evening , a bio-danza day and met all kinds of friendly and interesting young and older people passing through , sharing their stories and various ways of life over jointly cooked meals.. And that’s what Adele and Dan envisioned; giving all kinds of people a platform to interact and inspire them and each other to be part of a grassroots sustainable lifestyle; I really enjoyed being part of it for a short while , have taken part of it with me and hope to be back one day! Thanks a lot Dan and Adele! You’re Beautiful! – Thomas

Staying at the Permanent Culture Club was probably the best and most wonderful experience i had with CS yet!
In the first minutes i already felt at home, welcomed by Adela and another guest (Alex). The atmosphere is incredibly relaxed, peaceful, very good spirits. One of the Surfers described it as “his Oasis” i think that fits very well.
one day i just stayed in the house and garden and had the best time with the people and the cats and dog of Adela&Dan. We cooked, talked, sang, played guitar or just lay in the sun. For me it seemed like time stops there somehow and you can just enjoy being. Apart from Dan and Adela i met a lot of other incredible, interesting people. I will never forget this short but overwhelming 3 days i had there. Thank you Adela& Dan for letting me stay at your lovely house! Your project and the ideas behind is amazing. i hope i will be able to come again to Cluj sometime :-)! – Lisa

The permanent culture club is awesome. I never met and experience something like here. The family are so wonderful! Everybody is friendly and welcoming, even their kitties and dog.
I really like and enjoyed their life style. I know that before but I never know that such easy and happy.
I’ll try it when I go back to Taiwan.
Hope to see you guys in Taiwan, you’re welcome! – Joa


We are very thankful that places like this exist. Adela and Dan created such a peacefull and inspiering environment and it is just a great experience to be there.
Thank you so much for the wonderful days! We wish you all the best for your project. Keep it going, it is so great! Merci mult!! Lena & Daniel

Despite only being with Adela and Dan for one night they were the best. Genuinely loving and giving people. And their openness allowed me to meet all sorts of other great people. They directed me around Cluj and helped me figure out the next steps of my journey.
More people need to stay with them and witness their willingness to share and learn and just be present with their guests. Thank you both so much! Can’t wait till I’m back in your area! – Benjamin

Although Dan and Adela were away for the time I was staying, they still opened their home to me and I met other great couchsurfers. There was a nice vibe in the home with an eco-friendly culture, and a lot of the people staying were from the rainbow gathering. – Will

I loved, loved, loved this place. Dan and Adela are a rare breed: they talk the talk and walk the walk. They are the real deal. Incredibly inteligent, giving and sweet people. I cannot wait to go back and spend more time there helping them out in any way I can. Seriously, if you are around Cluj, go to the house. You will be blown away by this people. I was truly inspired. Big hug my friends! – Mena

Dan and Adela’s generousity was phenomenal. I’ve had a wonderful five days with them, and all the other beautiful people in the house that I’ve met. They are both beautiful, kind, passtionate, interesting, and a pleasure to be around. I’m so happy that I stumbled upon this community. I will absolutely be back one day, and I would love if you both came and visited me in Vermont if you ever get the chance! – Becky

Dan and Adela are the most welcoming hosts you can imagine! And they have a dog, and 5 cats! And I slept in the patio under the stars with all 5 cats! I was in heaven. How I wished I could stay longer but one night was enough to make sweet memories. – Jen


Man oh maan! Sometimes things just click and bring the right people together at the right time. This is my experience at The Permanent Culture Club. As well as meeting some other really lovely & thought provoking people staying there, Dan and Adela are like a never ending river to my sponge of a brain. I had so much fun in their community and am just thankful we’ve connected, shared friendship, love and cake through their proactive lifestyle. Who they are is just so freaking needed – To be a living example of unconditional love, kindness and generosity… I can only pray people resonate with this, adapt it and realize how easy/important it is to take control and be responsible for their own lives & the world we live in.
Okay rant over: Dan & Adela, I’ll support you guys in any way possible. I’m so excited for what the future holds !! See you very soon, lots of love x – Lauren

Adela is the living kindness, always smiling, happy and enthusiastic. Her husband Dan is also a very positive and interesting person, with strong and well-thought opinions and a very good Tuica server :-).
After the very first five minutes in their open house you will feel completely at home, in a perfectly friendly atmosphere completed by music, a small garden and five lovely cats. My friends and I loved the place so much that we extended our stay in there twice (!).
If you are an open minded person, more or less interested in alternative and sustainable life styles (and if you don’t have any kind of cat allergy) you should definetly visit them! – Leo

You guys are inspiring!
Besides your generosity that made you give us this beautiful place, it is this idea of giving away that most touched us.
The fact that we could meet in the last evening meant a lot to us. It was really good to talk to you both and getting to know your idea of the “casa de cultura”- project.
We definitely recommend this place to anybody who is willing to overthink our society nowadays. Thank you so much for everything! – Paula and Sèmi


Adela and Dan were recommended to me by another Couchsurfer..and i cannot express how greatful i am. They answered my request very quickly and soon after we already planned some workshops in their house. The whole experience in Casa de Cultura Permanenta was very enjoyable and relaxing. The atmosphere was very calm, we met many interesting people,learned about environmental proctection and healthy eating.. We had the chance to eat vegetables just picked from the garden, we cooked together and there was always a familiar feeling around. Adela & Dan were always careful so that we don’t miss anything, we really felt like home. We left their house both happy and inspired to raise our awareness about environment. Good luck with all the future plans, hopefully we’ll meet again soon! – Mike and Adarana


I can only say that the experience was really fantastic. It is a family with a way of thinking that should motivate us all. With them i had the pleasure to discover news ways of thinking and new options in life. I advise you to stay with them. And the place they have is like a small wonderland :). Thank you for your hospitality. – Andre

Adela and Dan are intelligent, creative and thoughtful. We enjoyed our chat about history, politics, religion and everything. We learnt a lot from them. They are going through big changes in life and finding a path that suits them well. Their idea of permaculture, sustainability, sharing, cooperatives, avoiding consumerism and not shopping with supermarket enlighten us and makes us think. It’s our pleasure to meet them and we hope to spend more time with them. All the best to your big journey and stay in touch ! – Adley and Maria


Wow, We had an amazing time at Adela and Dan’s place, La Casa de Cultura Permanente!
They are so lovely and interesting and welcoming, I felt really comfortable in the house. I really felt like I was in my own house, I could do what I wanted, when I wanted, the real concept of what volunteering is meant to be, I also felt that my ideas were just as important as anyone elses.
While we were there we spread some compost, concreted some holes in the house, cut some wood, and generally just hosted people and had a great time reading and spending time with Adela and Dan.
I recommend this place to all, Adela and Dan have created a space, a loving, inviting, open space that allows you to be yourself and be proud of it. A huge thank you to them for this, this is a huge help to the world. If just 0.0001% of the space in the world had this sort of mentality, the world would be a much better, loving place. Thank you 🙂 – Nathan y Olivia

Lets start with the fact that we really enjoyed our stay.
The house is full of activities, wisdom, fun, music, appreciation, sustainability, all kinds of good emotions …… and lets not forget abundance!
As a volunteer you can be very independent and really make your stay.
Adela and Dan are a beautiful couple. Very kind, lovely people!
Basically, We recommend 🙂
Big hugs to Adela and Dan and the rest of the community! – Maris & Dan



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