Ne gasiti in Cluj si, desigur, online. Pentru adresa exacta, nu ezitati sa ne contactati 🙂 // You can find us in Cluj and, of course, online. Don’t hesitate to contact us for the exact address.

e-mail – permanentacasa [at] gmail [dot] com
mobile – +40-731-980820


2 responses to “Contact

  1. Timar lLudovic

    As dori rezervarea spatiului Casei de Cultra Permanenta saptaminal, pentru Meditatii Sahaj si discutii.
    joi:!7- !9 si yineri 17-20 de 1 MAI ( numai acum) 11-12.30
    Multumesc foarte mult ludovic

  2. Hello,
    We are six students from France and we are in Roumania from the 11th july until the 20 august. We travel around Cluj and Arad to propose somes workshops ( Shadow theatre, danse, music, plastic arts, and writting) We would like to know if you are agree to meet us and if you are interest by our workshop? It’s just free, we just need a place and people !
    There are four yeard now that we did the same project. If you want more information about us, we can give you all the elements and documentary !

    Best regards

    We hope to see you soon

    La compagnie nYima

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