by Andrei

*** first attempt at slam poetry ***

There was no ringing of the church bell
No trace on MTV across the wall
No car claxons in the streets
No quarrelling of abusive neighbours
The words have failed us just as we have failed to keep our word so many times
At break of dawn, the words were obsolete.

We woke up to the sounds of the birds, bees, bugs buzzing through the air
We rushed out of our homes and filled the streets barefoot in a mass pyjama party
The city stood suspended in a deep synchronized state of contemplation
Gazing through pineal gland optics it hit us
That we were all organized masses of blasted cosmic stardust
And realized that in all the vastness of the universe
Vibration holds substance
And blessed be the moment when it blasted us
Physical, psychosomatic processes are no longer deceiving us
Instead giving us – the full-body and spirit awareness
The ability to FEEL the world around us
To discern, determine, interpret how nature works,
How these ancient earthlings thrive
All advancing towards higher orders of life
How living beings feel, what they have to say and the ripples they create
This triggered attitudes and behaviours that transcended our old version of US
That’s when we realized we could sync our brains
And have unlimited access to all knowledge accumulated
No terms of membership required, no credit cards asked, no download limits, no upgrades necessary, no maintenance needed, creative commons licence, baby!
All free for life!

We started with our TVs, phones, radio receivers,
The digital extensions of our manipulated ignorant selves
And dumped them in the streets!
Soon followed computers, projectors, toasters, tablets, e-readers, freezers and deep fryers, epilators, mixers, shakers, mashers, ovens, washing machines, shaving machines, vacuum cleaners, electric toothbrushes, electric steam cookers, electronic cigarettes, electronic weights, electric blankets
aaand vibrators!

The mayors office, the court, the churches, the TV studios, the police offices were turned into museums of human stupidity.
We kept the schools, hospitals and fire departments and waste management for a while.
Schools soon turned into community centres of peer learning.
Medics became healers and tended to the sickly with the entire community.
The firefighters turned into water gurus irrigating gardens and green houses and restoring polluted soils.
After the waste management crews took all the useless shit away from the streets, they focused on revegetating the city – tending to the trees, urban gardens, green roofs and compost management.

We slowly started reconciling with the earthlings and the biosphere around us
Feeling, caring, heeling, sharing, nurturing, treating, loving, beautifying
Repairing the links with the surroundings
Adjusting the millennial old cycle of destruction and regeneration.

[This text was creatively created (sic) by Andrei in response to the awesome Future Fabulators project. More here.]


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