PDC @ Aurora Community

pdc aurora

It’s from 1 to 17th of May Aurora Community, Romania.
Find out more and all the details in the http://www.aurora-circle.org/ events agenda.
The first big event of the year 2015 organised by Aurora Circle will be a #PDC (Permaculture Design Course), hosted by Aurora Community, facilitated by MU aka Mauricio Umann aka Fértil Caos and Claudian Dobos from 1 to 17th of May 2015.
A 100h PDC, where you will be take part of the Master Design of the Aurora Community Site (a 10ha area) with clear focus on the Permaculture Regenerative Learning Centre.
As all the events organised by Aurora Circle (almost all of them on Gift Economy principles), this aimed to be an inclusive one.
If you are really-deeply willing to participate, and the finances are an issue, you are more than welcome to contact us.
If you have time, and want to help us organising all the details, please write us.
In the wonderful landscape of the Wild Romanian Carpathian Mountains at more than 900m altitude, will be a life-changing experience!


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