Happy Birthday! La multi ani!

happybday[English version below]

Azi e o zi speciala in comunitatea casei noastre. Serbam ziua de nastere a Adelei, inima calda si darnica a Casei de Cultura Permanenta. Multumim pentru tot ce ai oferit permanent de cand casa exista, multumim pentru daruirea cu care te-ai implicat in aventura traiului in comunitate si a simplitatii voluntare si mai ales multumim ca, asa cum esti tu, prietenoasa si calda faci sa fie si casa in care locuim si ne organizam evenimentele.

La multi  ani, Adela!

[English version]

Today is a special day in our community. We are celebrating the birthday of Adela, the warm heart and soul of the House. Thank you for all your kindness and selfishness and for all that you gave to us since the opening of this amazing experince of community living, voluntary simplicity, downshifting and love. The most we all thank you for being the wonderful person you are, friendly and caring, making the house feel the same to all the residents and visitors.

Happy birthday, Adela!


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