Me gusta la zakuska !

Astazi ne-am pus pe facut zacusca, sa avem papa bun pentru iarna. Ardei grasi, gogosari, ceapa si vinete de la producatori din Bontida si Jucu, pe o soba racheta din caramizi recuperate, cu lemne din santiere. Am facut si o salata de vinete, yum! 🙂

Today, we set on making zacusca, to have tasty food for the winter. Bell peppers, round peppers, onions and eggplants from local producers from Bontida and Jucu, on a rocket stove made with reclaimed bricks, using wood from construction sites. We also made a yummy eggplant dip 🙂

10154317_379232588894502_6874418400329956028_n 10154317_379232592227835_1258940887752796397_n 10154317_379232595561168_7356475744962167655_n 10154317_379232598894501_4649353228919703454_n 10458722_379233568894404_6894047588247765471_n 10615565_379233108894450_4841741936723592089_n 10615565_379233115561116_2841147270660611996_n 10704305_379233578894403_7218526943142140750_o 10257547_379233118894449_2766837589065431665_o 1960998_379232602227834_8752461462302239587_o


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