Claca la strans de struguri cu workawayers

Astazi, ne-am suit cu totii frumos in minibus si ne-am dus sa ajutam un nene de vreo 70 de ani sa culeaga strugurii din curte, ca sa faca vin. Ne-a luat vreo 3 ore, ne-am indopat cu struguri si ne-am incantat cu gogosi vegane facute cu melasa din FoodCoop. Acum ne pregatim sa facem jeleu din strugurii capatati. o toamna frumoasa!

Today, we all got into the minibus and went to help a 70 years old uncle to pick the grapes in his yard for making wine. It took us about 3 hours, we ate loads of grapes and we relished in vegan doughnuts that we made with molasses from the FoodCoop. We are now preparing to make jelly from the grapes we received. It’s a beautiful autumn!

1896819_378688392282255_7762079070182695140_n 1896819_378688395615588_3615398942894768417_n 1902792_378687405615687_4840807606390710519_n 1902792_378687408949020_7183596673605586769_n 1902792_378687418949019_2767519978140940368_n 10670109_378687962282298_3232190040374552149_n 10670109_378687975615630_9074943843686972805_n 10712650_378687412282353_6664377511841704588_o 10712650_378687415615686_4310223664223834978_o


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