Exchange Dublin is closing! Open letter to Mr. Ray Yeates and Mr. Mannix Flynn

Ray Yeates, City Arts Officer
Exchange, Exchange
Mannix Flynn, Artist and New Independent Councillor Dublin South East Inner City
Dear Sirs,We are witness for the statements below, issued by Exchange Dublin, as we were there both as volunteers and as guests of the excellent social and artistic events organized entirely by volunteers.
Their model was an inspiration to us  for what the community can and must do in the current social environment in order to rebuild the resilience of the society to the degradation and dissolution brought by globalization and individualism.
We have brought the model of  Exchange Dublin to our city, Cluj-Napoca in Romania, and it really is a great opportunity to bring people together, build ideas and empower people to get involved in the social life of the city.”Don’t close Exchange! We need and we want #art4all!
Exchange Dublin is both a statement of intent and an invitation to the city.

Exchange Dublin is a non-alcohol space and events are open to people of all ages.

Exchange Dublin creates a common international and multi cultural public space for cross-disciplinary learning, conversation, and participation.

Dublin is full of pockets of young people, some of whom are aware of each other but have no platform to engage with each other or their city.

This space is intended to provide an infrastructure for inquiry, knowledge, discourse and collaboration as an antidote to some of our social problems.

Exchange is the strongest cultural offering available to young people in Dublin City Centre at present. We need to be creating more spaces like it, not dismantling the current ones!

Closing it would reflect once again that political decisions lack the understanding of what arts and culture bring to society (education, self-expression, social exchanges, and even in terms of health, tourism and economy).”


Adela and Dan Fofiu-Sanpetreanu

The Permanent Culture Club

22 Caisului str.


400487, Romania

To the Reader:

Please help Exchange Dublin to exist by signing the petition to impede the closing of one of the most active social spaces in Dublin:

Thank you!

The Permanent Culture Club

Adela and Dan Fofiu-Sanpetreanu


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