Grusse aus Nowa Amerika !

[English version below]

Orizonturile Casei se deschid. Larg.

In urmatoarele doua zile, participam cu bucurie la un forum civic in Frankfurt am Oder (Germania) si Slubice (Polonia). Sau in Slubfurt (Nowa Amerika), daca doriti 🙂

Forumul e organizat de Initiative Mittel- und Osteuropa (InMOE), un ONG tanar care isi propune sa creeze o retea de initiative civice in Europa Centrala si de Est. Casa de Cultura Permanenta, ca proiect civic independent si non-formal, face parte incepand de astazi din aceasta retea.

Ne punem sperante in aceasta noua apartenenta. Sperante ca ideile noastre construite in jurul valorilor permaculturii si ale economiei libere vor strabate in medii sociale in care tineri inimosi pot contribui la schimbare si la intarirea rezilientei locale.

Deocamdata, forumul a inceput bine. Am cunoscut-o pe Berna, o tanara din Timisoara care contribuie la proiectul Fforst – o cladire veche din inima Frankfurtului(O) care urma sa fie daramata de autoritati. 30 de studenti au preluat, insa, cladirea in gestiune proprie si au salvat-o. Astazi, cladirea e locuita de acesti tineri, intretinuta si adusa la viata. Fforst gazduieste evenimente de natura sociala si promoveaza cultura critica in timp ce da putere si semnificatie actiunilor unor tineri minunati.

Pe de alta parte, ne bucuram sa avem sansa sa reintalnim prieteni vechi. Michael Kurzwelly, pe care l-am cunoscut la unul din festivalurile European Alternatives la Cluj, e fondatorul statului virtual Nowa Amerika, cu capitala la Slubfurt. Un spatiu liminal in care istoria e reinventata, identitatile sunt reconstruite ingenios si relatiile inter-comunitare sunt duse la urmatorul nivel – cel al convietuirii armonioase si orientate spre valorile si resursele locale.

In urmatoarele zile vom pune lumea la cale si vom deschide usile Casei Europei Centrale si de Est.


The horizons of the Club are broadening.

During the next two days, we will participate in a civic forum in Frankfurt am Oder (Germany) and Slubice (Poland). Or in Slubfurt (Nowa Amerika), if you wish 🙂

The forum is organized by Initiative Mittel- und Osteuropa (InMOE), a young NGO that aims at creating a network of civic innitatives in Middle and Eastern Europe. The Permanent Culture Club, as an independent and non-formal civic project, is part, as of today, of this network.

We have high hopes out of this new belonging. Hopes that our ideas, built around the values of permaculture and free economy, will cross social environments in which wholehearted young people can contribute to change and to strengthening local resilience.

For nowm the forum has started well. We have met Berna, a young woman from Timisoara who contributes to a project called Fforst – an old building in the heart of Frankfurt(O) which was meant to be demolished by the authorities. Nevertheless, 30 students have reclaimed the building and saved it. Today, the building is inhabited by these students, it is maintained and brought to life. Fforst hosts social events that promote critical culture while empowering these wonderful young people and giving meaning to their actions.

On another hand, we are happy to have the chance of meeting old friends. Michael Kurzwelly, whom we have met in one of the European Alternatives festivals in Cluj, is the founder of the virtual state Nowa Amerika, with the capital in Slubfurt. A liminal space in which history is reinvented, identities are ingeniously reconstructed and inter-community relations are taken to the next level – the level of harmonious conviviality, reoriented toward local values and resources.

During the next days, we will plan how to change the world and will open the doors of the Club to Central and Eastern Europe.


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