My favorite things at the Club

The Couchsurfing community from Cluj continue their series of events at the Permanent Culture Club. This time, they invite you to present your favorites on Wednesday, 2nd October, 19:00:

“On this meeting we will listen to the favorite song of each participant.

And you can also share with us what’s your favorite country, actor, flower,  operation system, fruit, book, season and so on.
If you like, you can also bring pictures of your favorite mountain, or a mini-presentation about your favorite scientist, for instance.

But you could also actually share your favorites with us: bring the drink you prefer the most. And don’t forget to wear your favorite clothes.”

fav things

Some of our favorite things, mine and Dan’s, are these:

Funny game 🙂 Go a step further, though, and ask yourselves why you prefer those exact things and not others. What created your preference ? What are the effects of your choice of favorites ? Will you choose these favs forever ? 🙂

See you there !


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